Technical Services and Diagnostics

Histology Laboratory

This laboratory processes specimens for light microscopy. Most cases are presented as tissues fixed in formalin which are to be embedded in paraffin for histologic slide preparation. A wide variety of special stains are available by request. Special guidance with tissue trimming, procedures for serial sectioning, and preparation of sectioned specimens for other types of procedures, such as immunohistochemistry, autoradiography, etc. may be made available by special arrangement. Contact 410-955-8728 for additional information.

Clinical Pathology Laboratory

The Department’s clinical pathology laboratory has considerable experience with hematology, serum chemistry, urinalysis and fecal parasite examinations in a wide variety of species. These examinations are available on a fee-for-service basis to support experimental protocols. Specimens for clinical chemistry or other specialized analysis can be handled through this laboratory. Diagnostic bacteriologic techniques focused specifically on animal pathogens can also be arranged through this laboratory. For details, contact Bruce Baldwin at 410-955-3273[Office1] .

The rodent Phenotyping Core can also provide hematology and serum chemistry analysis. Contact Nadine Forbes at 410-502-3050 for additional information.

Pre‑Research Consultation

The Department, through its faculty and its specialized departmental library, has available information and advice regarding:

  • Selection of appropriate animal species to carry out specific studies, or non‑animal techniques as they are published.
  • Existing animal models of human diseases.
  • Anatomical and physiological peculiarities of most animals used in research.
  • Techniques of anesthesia, analgesia and chemical restraint, and dosages.
  • Techniques of blood and other sampling and drug or chemical administration.
  • Pathological and clinical effects of intercurrent animal disease.
  • Special caging or experimental techniques.

We encourage such consultations prior to the preparation of grant and contract applications. Call 410-955-3273 to arrange a consultation