Large Animal Surgical Support

Operating Room Services

RAR has two dedicated surgery suites in Ross 4 available for research surgery. Each operating room has positive pressure ventilation and is equipped with an isoflurane anesthesia machine, mechanical ventilation, pulse oximetry, ECG, and other monitors.  Veterinary diagnostic equipment is also available on consultation with the veterinarians.  The operating rooms are equipped for surgeries on larger animals such as rabbits, swine, dogs and non-human primates. RAR has 3 veterinary technicians (see below)  for assistance with animal preoperative care, anesthesia, intraoperative monitoring and postoperative care.  RAR veterinarians are available for consultation, training, and collaboration for research procedures.


For prices and estimates of using the OR with technical support, any additional support RAR provides and to schedule a procedure, please contact Melanie Albano, Nicole Ogle,  or Kristy Koenig at 410-502-5063.

Veterinary Technical Support

Trained veterinary technicians are able to assist with medication administration, sedation, anesthesia, pre-op and post-op monitoring in addition to special projects. For additional information or scheduling contact Melanie Albano or Kristy Koenig at 410-502-5063

Anesthesia Machine Service