Rodent Anesthesia Machines

Rodent Anesthesia Machines Available in MRB

Research Animal Resources maintains several rodent isoflurane anesthesia machines for use in our core rodent facilities, including MRB, SPH and Ross. One machine is dedicated for use only in MRB High Risk Return and may not be used in other areas.  You may sign up to use these machines free of charge.  Although use of the machines is free, to avoid cross-contamination, you must purchase your own breathing circuits, nosecones, scavenge canisters, etc. Please contact us for a list of suggested equipment

Training is required prior to use and will take about 30-45 minutes. To sign up for training, contact Jacqueline Gwynn.

Machines are available Monday through Friday for either morning (8am – 12pm) or afternoon (12:30pm to 4pm) use.  To reserve a machine, email  Jacqueline Gwynn. with your name, PI, date, morning or afternoon and suite number/letter. You must come to Ross 459 just prior to your reservation to pick up the key for the machine.

After use, the machine must be returned to its original area and locked. The key must then be promptly returned to Ross 459 for the next lab to use.

**A fee will be charged if the machine or key is not returned on time or if the machine is damaged due to misuse or neglect.**