Lab Equipment and Decontamination

Laboratories need to be decontaminated prior to approval for rodent use.

Areas of particular concern include computer keyboards, areas of countertops that are not easily cleaned, supply and exhaust ducts, and dusty areas in the corners of floors and behind heavy equipment

Room surfaces and durable equipment:

  1. Thorough cleaning using steam application (sign out from Animal Resources) followed by an RAR- approved disinfectant such as Virkon
  2. Thorough cleaning using steam application followed by room decontamination using a vaporized or gaseous decontaminant (see RAR for more details).
  3. Cagewash, autoclave  OR
  4. Wash/scrub with detergent then soak in an effective disinfectant such as Virkon, MB-10, 10% bleach, Cidex Pro.  Please note alcohol or quaternary ammonium compounds are not sufficient to eliminate many pathogens.

Delicate equipment:

Equipment with electronics or porous surfaces, computers:

  1. Replace OR
  2. Tent decontamination with vaporized hydrogen peroxide or gaseous chlorine dioxide under contract (contact animal resources for more information) OR
  3. Clean up as best as possible (e.g. clean and wipe down with disinfectant) then cover with impervious sanitizable surface (e.g. computer keyboard cover)