Required training: 

All personnel who work with research animals are required to receive training in their proper care and use prior to beginning their work. At JHU, this training responsibility is shared by the principal investigator (PI), the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC), and Research Animal Resources (RAR). The PI must ensure that their laboratory staff are adequately trained to perform the procedures described in their ACUC protocol. The ACUC supports specialized training programs related to animal care and use and to federal regulation, which must be completed before laboratory staff can work with animals. Finally, RAR requires training of all personnel prior to receiving access to animal facilities, which includes instruction on proper animal handling, animal care, and safety precautions.    

Supplemental training resources: 

RAR veterinarians and technicians are available for training in various technical and experimental procedures. Our skilled technicians can teach routine procedures such as gavage, injections, and blood and tissue sample collection. They also provide training on the use of RAR rodent anesthesia machines. Our veterinarians (on a time-available basis) can train researchers in techniques such as intubation, intravenous injections, and surgical and anesthesia techniques. 

The ACUC also provides additional training on rodent handling, rodent colony management, small animal aseptic surgical technique, and rodent anesthesia. Click here for more information

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